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Welcome to Off Leash K9 Training Maryland's Scheduling 

What separates Off Leash K9 Training,llc locations from other dog trainers in the area is we do not only teach your dog commands, we give you an off leash dog that responds with military/law enforcement K9 speed and precision.  We have experience working with dogs from numerous military and law enforcement agencies, and we train your dog the same way that we train theirs. our unique program is proven time and time again. Yes, our program works with all types of dogs, Any Size, Any Age, Any Breed. 

Also, our lessons are all private, which means you and your dog get our undivided attention. As I always say, "I have NEVER seen a dog that impressed me in obedience that came from a group class." 

Welcome to the Off Leash experience, we are here to help you and Let the bond with your dog be UNLEASHED!

If you are having problems scheduling, please read this...

If you have already paid for a package please scroll down to Online Scheduling Block.  Click the on one of our Trainers in Jessup or The location you want; then pick the class you purchased ....if you purchased the Basic or the Basic and Advance Program please select the "First Lesson Class" to start off... enter your redemption code and select the date you wish to have your class and your first lesson is scheduled.  Please remember you can only schedule 1 first lesson and 3 basic lessons with the basic package. If you purchased the advance package also, you will be able to schedule 4 advance lessons

If you need to pay for a package please read below:

You will find that this site is fairly easy to navigate. When buying a package such as our Basic Obedience Package (4 lessons)  select and pay for that option under the package box on the lower half of the screen. Once you purchase any of our packages you will receive an email containing a redemption code and a link to schedule. When you click on the link it will bring you back to our home page, click the link for No Preference, A specific trainer at Jessup (Howard County) or The location you want and then click on the class you purchased and enter the code. It will then let you schedule your your classes.  

If you are only scheduling a single lesson such as our Puppy Consult or Starter Package, just click on No Preference, Specific Trainer at HQ Jessup or the location you want and select the Puppy Consult. Once you select the date and time the next screen will direct you our payment area. 

OLK9MD utilizes PayPal as our Credit Card Processor to safeguard your payment information. 

There will be a 4% charge for any refunds.

Online Scheduling

Choose a location to make an appointment.

Baltimore City - Patterson Park
236 S. Linwood Ave, By the stadium, Baltimore, 21224
Calvert County MD - Dunkirk District Park (temporally closed)
10750 Southern Maryland Blvd, Dunkirk, MD, 20754
Harford County MD - Edgeley Grove Park
864 Smith Ln, Fallston, MD, 21047
MD HQ Jessup, Howard County
10630 Riggs Hill Rd, Unit U, Jessup, MD, 20794
Montgomery County MD - Adventure Playground
By the wooden play ground, 17920 Germantown Park, Germantown, MD, 20874


  • Obedience Lessons - Industry leading E-Collar included ! --- Please Purchase our program below, not from the location button unless you are only buying a single lesson

    • Basic Obedience Package $625
      You get 4 one-hour private Lessons. Save $50 by purchasing all four basic lessons at once

      once you purchase this package, please go back to the home page and in the "online scheduling " block click on "click here to schedule" PLEASE ensure you select the "First Lesson" for your first lesson and then the "Basic Obedience Class" for the remaining three lessons.

      please schedule your lessons about a week apart.
    • Basic and Advance Obedience Package $900
      This package is all 4 of the Basic lessons and 4 of the Advanced lessons for the value price of $900.00, That is a savings of $150 on the individual lesson price.

      when scheduling this package... go to the home page and in the online scheduling block click "click here to schedule" once you are there select "First Lesson" for your first lesson and select a date and time. use the same steps but seclect "Basic Obedience Class" for your next three lessons. do the same steps, but use "Advance Obedience Class" for your last four lessons....

      This Package will only allow you to book 1 First Lesson, 3 Basic Lessons, and 4 Advance Lessons.  PLEASE schedule each lesson about a week apart.
    • Veteran, Police, Fire EMS BASIC PROGRAM $575

      This is our Discount Package for the people that make a difference in our everyday lives. Please provide proof of employment.

    • Veteran, Police, Fire/EMS BASIC and ADVANCE Program $800

      This is our Discount Package for the people that make a difference in our everyday lives

    • Dog Aggression Training Package $1,050
      Does your dog have issues with dog aggression, dog reactivity, or simply go over the top when it comes to other dogs being around? If so, this is a specially designed program may be the best option for you and your dog. 
    • Basic Obedience Starter Package $375
      This is our introductory program, it is one 1.5 hour private lesson. it is designed to give you the basics of our program.
    • Clean up Lesson $65
      This is a special for past OLK9MD Clients. One, 1 hour private lesson to help sharping up those commands that may have slacked over time. 
    • In Home Basic Obedience Package $850
    • In Home Basic and Advance Obedience Package $1,200
    • Adult Group Class $40
      This is a one hour class to work on obedience around dog distractions. We will focus on commands that are taught in our basic program. There will trainers available to help you and your pup and keep the session organized.  We will end the class with a short Pack walk around the complex to sharpen the heel command with distractions.  You must have completed the heel lesson to be eligible to join in this class.  Aggressive/Reactive dogs must have prior approval before joining so we can make accommodations.
  • Nose Work / Scent Detection

    • Nose Work Starter Package $300
      Nose Work Package. 5 30 minute private lesson
      ****Please schedule these sessions with Mike*** ONLY offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays with Mike. 
    • Nose Work Proficient Package $600
      Nose Work Proficient Package: This is 10 private 30 minute sessions
      ***Please schedule these sessions with Mike*** ONLY offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays with Mike. 

  • Therapy Dog Certification Preparation

  • Puppy Packages

    This training package is for our first time dog owners or people who haven't had a puppy in a few years and are looking for some segestions on how to get through those first few months.
    • Puppy Consult $100
      This is the single 1 hour private Puppy Class, This is perfect for that family who has had dogs in the past, but just need a refresher on socilization, manners and baseline obedience.
    • Puppy Starter Package $300
      Puppy Classes are designed to help the new puppy owner get through the first 5 months of a dogs life. We discuss socialization, manners, and baseline obedience. PLEASE NOTE: This class is for Puppies under 5 Months old.
    • Puppy Group Class $25
      Want your new puppy to work on manners while other dogs are around? Want your puppy to learn to socialize with other dogs their age. This class consists of a small group of puppies working in a group setting on basic commands. This program is 30 mins of obedience with a trainer and 15 mins of supervised play time. Your pup must be 12 weeks old and has completed a minimum of 2 puppy classes to join this class. 
  • Board and Train Program $2800.00 --- You MUST contact us to schedule this program. This program is booked several weeks in advance. We use one calendar for all the Maryland Locations

    This is our very popular Board and Train package. You drop your pup off with us and we do all the work, it is that simple. At the end of the two weeks we will sit down with your family and teach you everything your dog now knows. You will not be disappointed with the amazing results, check out our YouTube Channel to see some amazing transformations.  *** Please note this program is booked out about 2 to 3 months, please contact us for availability. you cannot use this system to schedule your training.
    • Board and Train Package DEPOSIT or Payment $500
      Use this for the deposit on the Board and Train Package. PLEASE note, you must make contact with us to schedule this program. DO NOT use this system to schedule a Board and Train. Total cost for this program is $2800.00
    • Board and Train Package FULL PAYMENT $2,700
      Select this if you desire to pay for the entire package up front. Please take advantage of the $100. discount for prepayment ahead of time. You MUST contact us to schedule this very popular program. Availabilty is limited and normally booked 2 to 3 months in advance.
    • Misc. Payment $1,000
      Method for Board and Train Payment
    • Misc. Payment $2,000
      Payment Option for Board and Train
    • Misc Payment $2,200
      Payment for the board and train program
    • Misc. Payment $2,300
      Payment Option for Board and Train Program
    • Day Camp

      Our day camp will consist of 2 one hour training sessions one on Sunday before your day camp begins and one on Thursday when you pick up your dog on the last day. You will drop you dog off in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Your dog will spend several hours during the day learning basic obdeidience ( come, sit, place, loose leash heel, and down) They will also be working at local parks and pet friendly stores to learn how to work around distractions. While they are with us they will also work on manners, confidence building and minor behavior problems. This program has limited space and does book out several weeks. Please speak with a trainer about schedule availability. 
      • Day Camp $1,200
        Dog will work with a trainer during they day and goes home every night. At our Jessup location only.
  • Unique Package $475
    This is a special package that needs to be approved by a OLK9MD trainer before purchase.
  • In Home Consult Fee $75
    Must call to schedule this consult
  • 30 min consult $25
    30 minute consult with one of our trainers. 
  • board and train sale $2,800
  • basic obedience sale $625
  • basic and advanced sale $900
  • Day Camp Sale $1,200
  • Puppy Obedience Sale $300



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